Dairies are essential business and promotional tools. However, you are not getting the full value for your diary unless you are using one or more of its accompanying accessories. Here are our most popular custom diary accessories.

Logo Printed Bookmark Rulers

These logo printed bookmark rulers are the ultimate diary accessory. This 15cm translucent plastic ruler has both metric and imperial measurements. It also has a built-in magnifier if you have trouble seeing or to zoom in on something important. Due to its bold colours, this ruler pairs well with your brand to help it pop. This is a great promotional gift to hand out to your staff, clients, friends, or family for everyday use. Get this branded today!

Promotional Raylen Metal Pens

A marker is essential for any type of physical diary. If you are looking for the best pen to complement your diary then you need these promotional Raylen metal pens. This marker has a modern feel and is made from high-quality aluminium. It also features circular marks for grip as well as a metal clip to easily attach it to your diary. In this way, you can carry it with you safely and securely and always take down important notes. Get this emblazoned with your brand and take your diary to the next level.

Custom Business Card Bookmarks

If you are looking to benefit your brand in more than one way, check out these custom business card bookmarks. These business card bookmarks are fantastic as your brand will follow your user regardless of which diary they use. This means your brand will always be at the front of people’s minds as they read and write in their diaries. It also features a 13cm ruler and one block of sticky notes and assorted sticky flags. This is the ultimate diary accessory and brand promoter!