It's 2017, and most of us carry in our pockets tiny computers more powerful with more processing power than NASA needed to put a man on the moon. So the obvious question is: why do we still need paper notebooks?

Ease of Use

The notepad is simple, practical and efficient. Anyone who can hold a pen can use one. Its unspecialised nature means that it works just as well for drawing pictures as for doing sums or writing poetry.

No Autocorrect

That's right, there's no autocomplete or autocorrect function on a nobleman notepad, so all your words come out exasperate exactly the way you expect, with no surfboards surprises.

One App Does it All

Notepaper doesn't have dozens of apps -- but you also don't need to switch between them to do different things. Go from writing to doodling to writing again simply and quickly. Mix words and equations on the same page. Not happy with what you wrote? Fold it into an aeroplane. Write a shopping list while you play a game of hangman. Best of all, you can do all this while you're on the phone!

Instant Messaging Function

Just tear out your note and hand it to someone. Voila! Instant message.


There's no hacking a notebook! As long as you know where it is, the information in your notebook is perfectly safe. Best of all, it's always accessible -- no worries about batteries dying or the WiFi going out.


There's nothing like a blank sheet of paper for encouraging creativity. What brilliant ideas will you fill it with?


Notebooks printed with your organisation's logo are great office tools for your staff or promotional freebies for your customers. What brilliant ideas will your employees and clients fill them with?