What is a Week to a View Diary?

In a week to a view diary, a single week from Monday to Sunday will be laid out across a double page spread. The most usual configuration for this with the right-hand page divided vertically into three equal sections -- Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The left-hand page is also divided into three equal vertical sections, the first two for Thursday and Friday, and with the third section subdivided into Saturday and Sunday.

Week a view diaries are useful in that they involve fewer pages than day a view diaries. This makes one thinner and lighter than a similarly sized day view option. However, they do have a smaller amount of space available for writing. They are an economical option for people with a relatively small number of tasks per day to keep track of, and those whose tasks can usually be reduced to a simple sentence. Week a view diaries also have the advantage of allowing you to see an entire week's schedule all laid out together, without having to flip backwards and forwards between pages.