Do Your Diaries Come With a Warranty?

As we are located in Australia and ship only within the country, all of our products are sold under Australian consumer law. In addition to those basic protections, we offer the following warranties:

We will replace any diary that arrives in an unsatisfactory condition as a result of flaws in the manufacturing or branding processes. Likewise, if on arrival the diaries or branding should substantially differ from that which was ordered, we will replace them. Should this occur, please call our sales staff as soon as convenient.

Some variances may occur in the manufacture, so we are unable to offer a warranty on minor or insubstantial differences between images of your product and the final product itself. Since we contract freight to a courier service, we are unable to offer refunds or replacements for damage incurred as part of the delivery process, but should this occur we will seek redress on your behalf from the couriers.