Five Promotional Printed Calendar Designs And Their Uses

Do you want your brand to be remembered every day, 365 days a year? Give away printed promotional calendars! Why? It's one of the things that people check every day to make sure they know what the date is or to look at their schedules. And each time they do so, they will catch a glimpse of your company's logo printed on each custom calendar page. Brilliant advertising strategy, right? But finding a calendar style that appeals to your target audience might be daunting. Fortunately, that is precisely the topic of this article. It's about the various kinds of calendar layouts and their uses.


First, we'll dispel your concerns about the effectiveness of promotional printed calendars as marketing tools.

Since we live in a digital age, some rely on technology to perform menial tasks like checking calendars on smartphones, tablets, or laptops, making people think there is no need for paper calendars anymore. But printed calendars have and will continue to win out over their digital counterparts. Here are some of the reasons why paper calendars are still a popular advertising medium:

  • It serves a useful purpose. A calendar is an indispensable tool for modern life, especially for the working class. How often do you check your calendar to see what is on the schedule for the day? The fact that you don't need to launch a bunch of windows and apps to glance at them adds to its convenience. It is right where you need it, on your wall or desk.
  • It builds a positive connection with your recipient. Although it bears your brand logo, a calendar is seen as a functional office tool, so it will be appreciated more as a gift than as a blatant promotion. As a result, offering a complimentary present to a potential client, like a personalised calendar, might serve as a springboard for building rapport.
  • It offers continuous brand recall. We've mentioned this at the beginning of this post. Custom printed calendars have a way of keeping your brand in people's minds 24/7/365. You can also communicate your brand identity to others by creatively presenting your promotional calendars. You could have accomplished this by using specific colours, graphics, or logos on the calendar.
  • It isn't expensive. Paper promotional products, such as calendars, are budget-friendly. For this reason, many are mass-producing them to distribute as year-end or Christmas gifts.


You can modify calendars in a variety of ways to meet your specific business requirements, including:


The fact that wall calendars can be printed with high-quality images of your products and your company logo makes them an excellent tool for product promotion. Moreover, due to their size, wall calendars have plenty of area for writing schedules or marking important dates. Thus, making it an accessible planner within your workstation's reach.


It's clear where you'll put this kind of calendar: on your desk or work table. A personalised desk calendar serves dual purposes as an organisational tool and a pretty accessory. So, make sure your personalised calendar is presentable enough to grace anyone's workspace.


Magnetic custom calendars are not limited to being placed on refrigerators; they may be attached to lockers, filing cabinets, and other metal surfaces. There are also magnetic calendars that are erasable, making them suitable for several uses. This is good for you because your erasable magnetic calendars with your logo can stay on the fridge or filing cabinet of your recipients for a long time, not just a year.


Since it sits on your desk, this calendar makes keeping track of your schedule a breeze. This desk planner is ideal for jotting down quick to-do lists and appointments. In addition, those who own bookstores or libraries, host fundraising events, or sell office supplies will find this an excellent promotional item.


Another customisable giveaway with practical use are mouse mat calendars. This kind of calendar can also be used as a mouse mat, making it ideal for home or office usage. In addition, because you can personalise it with colourful photographs to make it look more presentable, it can also function as a decorative component on a desk.


You'll never run out of options regarding promotional printed calendars. You can choose from different designs that suit your business needs. And Best Promotional Diaries is here to help and guide you in selecting the best calendar style for your campaign! For inquiries, call us at 02 9223 7777 or email

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