The Best Binding Solutions For Promotional Diaries

"Why would I stress about it? It's just a notebook. Any fancy item would do." Says the client who didn't take the time to choose their promotional diary carefully. Little did this client realise that the binding on the journal they selected was inadequate to hold the pages together firmly. As a result of this blunder, they have acquired a critical review instead of a satisfied potential customer. What a missed opportunity! Don't worry; we won't allow this to happen, and to help you, here are the ABCs of the various types of bindings available for promotional diaries.


Binding extends the useful life of diaries and gives the finished product a professional look. It helps to prevent the pages from falling out of the journal and keeps everything securely fastened on the book's spine. The journal's binding allows you to write in it while standing up and using one hand to hold the notebook. Additionally, you can write in the diary while it is entirely open flat, and this feature prevents the journal from snapping shut. See how important a diary's binding is?


There are many factors to consider before settling on the binding method for your promotional diary. To name a few: the number of pages, its intended use, its target audience, and the technical specifications that must be met. It's easy to feel lost among the myriad options for bookbinding and the seemingly endless innovations made by skilled binders and finishers. But don't worry; we'll only cover the most standard options for binding a diary in this post, as follows:


Saddle stitching is applicable for diaries with a small number of pages. In this binding method, after the pages have been printed and sorted, they are loaded onto a conveyor, where they are stapled together using metal staplers. When open, the journal can rest almost perfectly flat. This method is ideal for companies trying to save money while ensuring that their orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible. But note that saddle stitch binding is for short-term use only and can only hold up to 100 pages.


A metal or plastic coil is threaded through identically punched holes to create a spiral binding, also known as wire-o binding. The diary can lay flat when opened thanks to this binding style, similar to saddle stitching. In addition, the binding remains intact even after the pages have been folded back on themselves a full 360 degrees. It can also handle a variety of page counts without any problems. However, a spiral-bound journal won't give off the right impression if your target market consists of working professionals.


When it comes to perfect binding, you can think of sales catalogues, magazines, and paperback novels. Imagine now how professional and stylish your branded journals will appear when they are finished. A flexible adhesive is used to attach the wrap-around cover of perfect binding, which binds the pages of a diary together. This technique can be carried out utilising either hot melt or PUR adhesives. The latter costs more than hot-melt adhesives, but it's the PUR-fect binding if you want durable and long-lasting promotional journals. Unfortunately, this binding style causes the pages to fold back up, making it impossible to lay flat.


Case binding, also known as hardcover binding, hardbound binding, or hardback binding, is the most special type of diary binding. It's the most conventional method of binding, but it also provides the most benefits: greater strength, greater durability, and the best-perceived value. Investing in personalised diaries with a hardcover bound is a smart move if you want to make your target customers feel special and appreciated. However, since this binding is somewhat pricey, it is recommended that you reserve it for significant events such as New Year's, Christmas, company anniversaries, or company milestones when creating your custom journals.

We hope this article has helped you select the ideal binding method for your promotional diaries. But if you require more information, our knowledgeable sales staff will assist you with your purchase! Call us at 02 9223 7777 or send an email to



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