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Take this October to better your marketing campaign with custom branded journals. Clients and customers love having personalised merchandise, and this is a great way to promote your brand. Here are three unique diaries that you can take advantage of this month.


October introduces a bunch of new dishes and foods. But don’t get overwhelmed by all of this, rather get a notebook and write down these dishes for next year! There is no better way to do this other than by using this promotional recipe moleskin diary. This hardcover diary has rounded corners, an elastic closure and two ribbon bookmarks. It comes in six different themes, including cardboard with a soft cover made of polypropylene. This journal is a fantastic way to collect your recipes for each month and a great way to have your brand remembered too. Get these emblazoned with your unique logo and offer these to your patrons, customers, employees, friends and family for guaranteed satisfaction.


Much like the need to write down recipes, these moleskin journals are designed to notate wines and wine flavours. This is perfect if you own a wine store or vineyard and it is an easy way to teach classes about wine to new customers and patrons. It also offers a unique way of keeping notes on your stock as well as the flavours and types of wine. People will struggle to forget your logo if it is emblazoned across the front of this fantastic journal. Get in the festive spirit this month and pick up a personalised wine journal.


It is important that you take care of yourself this month. October can be overwhelming for many as it is nearing the end of the year. Focus on your mental and physical health with these customised moleskin wellness diaries. Writing down your thoughts and physical progress is a great way to keep yourself motivated and healthy. Clients and customers will love having these with them to notate their own situation. The journal has a hardcover with themed debossing, rounded corners and an elastic band for safekeeping. It also has double expandable inner pockets, ivory-coloured 70g acid-free paper, and tabbed sections to help guide notetaking. Coupled with your logo, this is sure to increase your brand awareness this month.

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