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They say that the most organised people have a habit of keeping note of every little detail. Keeping and updating a personalised diary is one sure way of staying ahead of things. Writing in a planner can serve more than one purpose and keeping a diary can have a different meaning from one diary owner to the next. Buying a promotional diary is usually not difficult because, at times, it can come as a present or corporate gift. However, the challenge is in starting and developing a habit. Once a habit has been formed, then keeping up with diarising can be simple. But are you actually getting the most out of your custom diary when you write in it? Here are some of the ways you can get more out of diarising.


  • Start every new entry on a fresh, clean page. Trying to complete what you started the previous day might prove challenging and only manage to put you off

  • Date your entries. This will help you keep track of each entry in as much as it will work as an accountability strategy. To ensure that you don’t skip writing on your diary, start by entering a date

  • Be honest. For most people, a diary is the closest they will ever have to a confidante. Don’t hold back on any of your thoughts and feelings.

  • Use different colours or highlighters. Now, this is an important strategy. Instead of just having a boring generic entry, you will get an interesting read that is demarcated by colours. Also, colouring can help you create a code system for; emotions, thoughts, ideas and plans.

  • Use your diary as a planner. Each morning and evening, visit your diary to write new plans and update the plans you had for the day. There is no better way of planning a productive day that listing down the plans

  • Finally, take your diary with you. When you go out or meet new people, chances are you will develop new ideas. Having a diary nearby will help you note down any ideas or thoughts as they unravel.

Owning a personalised diary can prove beneficial. Follow these simple steps to maximise your diarising. If you'd like more information on promotional diaries or simply require product recommendations for an event or campaign, contact our friendly sales team for more information.

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