a person writing on a diary while sitting in bed


So you're already using your personalised diary to keep appointments and record down important days, but have you ever considered enhancing your diary-keeping experience by adding some journaling? Journal writing can be stream-of-consciousness or cover specific topics, but if you've got limited space (as you may have in a dated diary) then we recommend tackling a few interesting questions that you can answer when you feel like adding a bit more about yourself in your diary.


  • What is your fondest memory from high school?
  • What was your favourite holiday/trip from your childhood?
  • A game you used to play either by yourself or with siblings, and why you liked it.
  • What is the best day of the year and why?
  • What dreams do you hope to accomplish in the next 1/5/10 years?
  • What is one habit you hope to develop this year?
  • What is the most recent thing you've learned about yourself?
  • What is your favourite season and why?
  • If you could have the answer to one question, what would it be?

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