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multiple notebooks, diaries, and planners on a desk


Even in these days of computerised devices, there's really nothing like a paper diary. They may not make a range of noises, but they come with a simple, intuitive interface; data entered can be easily updated or altered; the battery never wears out and they're easy to operate if you're already using your smartphone.

Best of all, your business, club, charity, school, or department can beat high newsagent prices and buy them in bulk, and with your organisation's logo proudly emblazoned on the front. With bulk promotional diaries, your entire organisation can be on the same page, and on brand. The only trouble with organising promotional diaries is the price.

Or is it?

Well, it doesn't have to be. We recognise that your organisation doesn't have an unlimited budget.  so we've sourced a range of budget diaries to suit every pocket. Pick the diary that's right for your organisation, and we'll do the rest. These handsome diaries are designed with Australia in mind and are printed with local public holidays, school holidays, daylight savings dates and so on.


  • Choose the smallest suitable diary. Diaries come in a range of sizes, and as a general rule, smaller ones are less expensive. They are also lighter and less bulky, meaning that they also cost less to deliver.
  • Pick a suitable format. Diaries tend to range from page-a-day to page-a-week. If you are looking for simple appointment books, consider the inexpensive page-a-week option.
  • Pick a less expensive branding option. Screen printing may not look as impressing as embossing or foil stamping, but it still looks good and puts your brand in place for less.
  • Buy in bulk. The more you buy, the lower the unit price.
  • Bundle delivery. If you're making multiple orders, we can deliver them all together, saving you on freight charges.
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