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Due to the pandemic, we all have a lot of extra time on our hands. Fortunately, this is the perfect time to make the most out of this situation and begin using diaries whilst in isolation. Here are the reasons why you should start using custom diaries at home and are our favourite picks for personal journaling.


Keeping a diary has a vast amount of benefits on your personal health. Most people see it simply as a means of organising your thoughts, recording ideas or writing for fun. However, personal journaling actually has further benefits depending on how you use your diary. We recommend incorporating goals and checklists to motivate yourself each day. This will brighten your mood whilst also relieving stress. Additionally, take a time once a week to read back on what you have written the past seven days. You may be shocked at how this can boost your memory and encourage you to improve for the weeks ahead.


The most difficult task in starting a diary is keeping it consistent. Try to note take periodically throughout the day. Also, it is beneficial to tick off the days as you maintain your writing habit. The easier way to continually write is to have one specific item that you write in. Having loose pieces of paper everywhere can get quite cluttered and demotivate you from writing more. This is why customised diaries are perfect for self-reflection whilst in isolation.


This leather-look notebook is the perfect diary entry tool. Its PU cover is durable and hints at elegance without breaking your budget. Additionally, the internal pages are personalised with your choice of lines, dates and information. It also features branding through debossing, foil stamping and direct full-colour transfer print to make your brand shine.

This diary is for the corporate planner. It features a black ribbon marker, white ecological pages, a 12-month calendar, week-to-week view, personalised information pages, universal times and dates, and so much more! This is truly an all in one diary that will certainly have your brand remembered.

This conventional diary is perfect for the minimalist. It features a black matte cover with a coloured ribbon to act as a checkmark between pages. This diary is ideal for daily notetaking, drafting and reflecting. It can easily be customised through foil stamping, debossing and direct full-colour transfer print to market your brand effectively.

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