Embossing on Diaries

Embossing is a popular techniqued used in decorating graphics and logos onto diaries made from either leather, PU, bonded leather or faux leather covers of a diary.

What exactly is embossing?

Embossing is the process of pressing a design onto a surface of the leather of faux leather surface. The result is an image that is raised above the surface of the original material. Some in our industry referst to this as a "relief."

The embossing essentially looks like the logo coming out towards you creating a beautiful 3 dimensional look for your graphic, which is something that regular screen printing cannot achieve. 

What is the precise process of embossing?

In order to emboss an image, an artwork design or logo must be made into a template so as to cut a metal die and a corresponding counter-die. Dies are made of brass, copper or magnesium. The embossing process begins with the chosen material being fixed between the two dies from there a heated press is used to squeeze the die imprint into the material, finally resulting in a raised image, design or logo.

What are the advantages to embossing?

  • Embossing creates a vivid and textured 3D image that you can touch and feel
  • Creates an entirely permanent image which will not wear over time
  • Embossing is visually amazing for simple designs

What are the disadvantages to embossing?

  • high cost compared to printing
  • The embossed image can vary in quality depending on the material used and the skill level of operator applying the embossing process
  • Embossing can only be on certain surfaces