Customising Your Diary

Customising Your DiaryDiaries Customised With Digital Printing

Digital printing involves utilising cutting edge laser and ink jet print techniques to produce a vibrant copy of your design directly on the surface of your diaries. This digital technique allows for printing a far more detailed image than screen printing, recreating the intricate elements of your design beautifully. Digital printing is also quick to set up and complete, allowing for efficient branding in minimal time - a great option if you require an express turnaround time.

The Digital Print Process

The first step in our process for digital printing on your diaries is to convert the format of your logo design into a .AI or .EPS file with vector outlines. This data type is important as it ensures the digital printer can recognise your image correctly. From there, we place the diary on the machine pallets, which help hold the product in place. The diary is laid completely flat to ensure the integrity of the image printed is not compromise. The digital printer then proceeds to imprint the intended image upon the journal cover. Once this is complete, we move the diaries under a specialised dryer to finish setting the print.

Advantages of Digital Printing

  • Digital Printing allows for a full-colour print which also specified and details gradient colour.
  • Quality detailed printing for a low cost.
  • We can accept designs in common digital file formats such as .AI, .EPS, or .PDF.
  • No preparation required which allows for a much faster turnaround as well as printing on demand.
  • Digital Printing emblazons a durable, long-lasting imprint upon the given material.

Disadvantages of Digital Printing

  • We can only digital print on certain materials such as paper or specified plastic surfaces
  • We can only apply digital printing to flat surfaces. This means curved or non-flat material cannot feature a digital print.