Customising Your Diary

Customising Your DiaryCustom Foiling on Promotional Diaries

Foiling is a favorite technique for premium branded diaries that involves imprinting metallic foil onto your journal cover using heat and pressure to create a sleek and appealing finish. The foiling process does not require any kind of ink, but rather is imprints a thin leaf foil design directly into the surface of the diary. The foil we utilise comes in a varity of colours and finishes, but the most popular styles are gold, sivler, copper, and holographic.

Foil Debossing on Your Books

The first step in producing a foil decorated diary is to create select and design the foil colours/styles required for your logo. We then heat the foil and press it against the diary surface with enough pressure to print a thin layer directly onto the material. For multiple foil colours, we initiate this process several times. The resulting finish is delicate, refined, and exquisite.

Advantages of Foiling

  •  Foiling creates a shiny decoration on most materials meaning your results will be professional, sleek, and premium in appearance.

Disadvantages of Foiling

  • Foiling is a more costly and labour intensive process than the more regular and generic methods of decoration such as pad or screen printing.
  • As foiling is more labour intensive the process is subsequently more time consuming than standard printing methods.