Returns Policy for Best Promotional Diaries

At Best Promotional Diaries, our commitment is to deliver products of exceptional quality and provide the utmost customer satisfaction. We recognize that situations may arise necessitating product returns. To facilitate a transparent and equitable process, we have outlined the following Returns Policy:

Acceptance of Returns:

We will duly accept returns, either for a full refund or replacement, under the following circumstances:

1. Receipt of Incorrect Order: If the products received markedly deviate from the items you sanctioned and paid for, we kindly request you to promptly liaise with your designated sales representative. Our proficient team at Promotional Items Australia will diligently assess the optimal, cost-effective procedure for product return. Subsequently, we will arrange for the accurate dispatch of the correct order to your specified location.

2. Defective or Faulty Products: Should the products received display defects or faults upon receipt, we are resolute in our commitment to redress the situation promptly. Defective products will be expeditiously replaced, contingent upon availability, or a refund will be duly facilitated, as per your preference.

3. Delivery-Induced Damage: In the unfortunate event that products suffer damage during transit, we assure you of our dedicated action. We will initiate a claim with the third-party courier company, on your behalf, to expedite resolution. To streamline this process, we earnestly request your timely communication with a member of our sales team.

4. Under-Supply of Units: Should the quantity of units supplied fall below your original order quantity, we kindly implore you to apprise us within a fortnight of receiving the consignment. This window will enable us to expeditiously rectify the situation by means of either replenishing the shortfall or refunding the variance.

Non-Acceptance of Returns:

Instances wherein returns will regrettably not be entertained encompass:

1. Delayed Delivery: Whilst every endeavour is made to ensure the timely dispatch of your promotional products, we acknowledge the influence of external variables, including third-party courier entities, which may occasion delays. However, definitive delivery dates or times cannot be assured once the shipping process is initiated. We advocate proactive communication with your designated sales representative to explore suitable delivery alternatives for urgent deadlines.

2. Change of Mind: Once the custom branding processes have been initiated on our merchandise, they become irrevocable. Consequently, we are precluded from accommodating returns or effecting refunds subsequent to the commencement of production. In view of this, prudent consideration and meticulous assessment of your artwork proof prior to placing a purchase order is advised.

3. Intentional or Unintentional Product Damage: Products subject to intentional or unintentional damage arising from improper usage are ineligible for return. To obviate uncertainty pertaining to the appropriate use of specific products, we advise consultation with your sales manager before placing an order.

We extend our gratitude for your comprehension of our Returns Policy. It is constructed to ensure a seamless and equitable mechanism for our esteemed clientele. Should you necessitate clarification or assistance concerning returns, please do not hesitate to initiate contact with our dedicated sales team.