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Recycled Plastic Logo Bookmarks

Recycled Plastic Logo Bookmarks

The era of book reading is never going to end, and this is why one of the most successful promotional freebies is a bookmark. The Recycled Plastic Logo Bookmarks are naturally one of the most successful marketing tools. Not just for kids but even adults find them useful and engaging. Imagine yourself reading an interesting book, but suddenly you are interrupted. Are you going to leave the book like that only and then waste your time looking for the page you were on? In the absence of a bookmark, you might have to settle with it, but with these exclusive bookmark varieties, you don't have to worry about it anymore. You can simply place this recycled plastic bookmark on the page you were reading, and once you are free, you can go back to reading from where you have left off.

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This amazing tool is ideal for all your clients, prospects and employees as it will save them from all the hassle of finding the right page again. When readers don't have bookmarks, they turn the pages they were reading, again and again, damaging the book's aesthetic. With a recycled bookmark, you and your users would save their books from wearing out too soon. Being used from recycled plastic, the bookmark presents an eco-friendly approach and brings the CSR of your business into prominence.

Cost-Effective Price and Safe Shipping

The mentioned product cost will cover branding on these items in full colour. A $60, per design print setup must also be applied. GST excluded. Products are available for Australian deliveries only. A turnaround time of two weeks is needed for all states and territories. We manufacture these products to order in Australia.

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