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Tent Style Custom Calendars

Tent Style Custom Calendars

One of the most popular styles of calendars prevalent in the market is the Tent calendar. The Tent Style Custom Calendars are nostalgic. Remember the old days when computers had just begun to explore their way into the corporate market and smartphones were restricted to elites? Well, this exclusive tent-style calendar would remind your clients of those old days. It will help you tap their emotional attribute and develop a deeper relationship with your clients. You can distribute these to your client's office staff or give them to your customers for their personal use.

Buy Promotional Fold-To-Stand Timetables

These classic promotional products would certainly enhance your brand's empathetic value and attain extensive marketing aids. Other than sentimental aspects, the tent style calendars are also practical as they have a fold-to-stand feature, which makes them easy to use and carry. They are one of the most affordable promotional items available in the market that is ideal for the audience engaged in desk activities. Other than office staff, it is also functional for students, who plan their studies and topics for a month using a calendar. With an aesthetic logo imprint, you will have the chance to create a lasting impact on your clients.

Budget Costs and Rapid Delivery Times

The mentioned product cost will cover branding on these items in full colour. A $60, per design print setup must also be applied. GST excluded. The products are only available for Australian deliveries. A two week turnaround time is needed for all the territories and states. We manufacture these products to order in Australia. Images feature custom printing, we can add calendar printing or simply print as unique desktop items per your requirements.

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