What is a Promotional Diary?

Even in this age of high-tech devices, the diary is still king when it comes to keeping organised. Even as newsagents are closing down due to the migration of newspapers to online platforms, sales of paper diaries, planners, calendars and notebooks remain strong.

Promotional diaries are diaries printed or embossed with a brand name or other logo. They have a wide range of uses. A gift of diaries is a great way to help your business by helping your staff stay organised. Promotional diaries do that with the added bonus of keeping a standard diary system across your organisation, while the customised logos help encourage cohesion and keep staff on-brand. This aspect of promotional diaries also makes them a useful tool for schools, universities, non-profit organisation and basically any organisation that works around a changing schedule.

In addition to this immediate, practical use, branded diaries and calendars can make excellent promotional sales items. Branded with the name of a charity or non-profit, they make excellent fundraising items, and printed with a picture of a location they can even make unusual tourist souveniers.