What is a Month to a View Planner?

A month to a view planner/diary is a diary which opens to show an entire month on a two-page spread. In terms of use, they fall between whole year-planner calendars and week view calendars. They allow for better long-term planning than week view calendars because they allow you to see your entire month at a glance.  This allows big-picture organisation -- blocking out a month's worth of meetings, room usage, teaching units, deliveries or whatever you need to stay organised. 

However, month view planners also limit the amount of space available to write your entries, meaning that they are less helpful when looking at smaller timescales. Some calendars deal with this by combining the two sorts of pages. Otherwise, it might be wisest to use a month-view planner for blocking, and a week- or day-view calendar for specific events or appointments.