Branded financial year diaries are an excellent method of managing your yearly finances. But who actually uses these types of diaries? We’ve crunched the numbers are can confirm that the following main categories of entities will benefit from using our branded financial year diaries.

All Forms of Business

Regardless of your business type, financial planning is an activity everyone should engage in. It is a means of ensuring that your finances are in check consistently throughout the year. This is especially important during tax time! Utilising financial year diaries can also benefit you on a weekly and monthly basis as it allows your business to have a full view of how certain dates may affect your finances.

Universities and Schools

Universities and schools could also benefit from branded financial year diaries. University and school schedules differ slightly to businesses but from an administrative point of view, this is crucial to be on top of the changes in terms, extracurricular activities and field trips and excursions. This will ensure budgetary constraints are alleviated and you can enjoy your school or university year worry-free. Check out our branded student diaries here.

Charities and Not for Profit Organisations

Most charities and not for profit organisations could benefit from a financial year diary. Even though charities are generally not for profit, there is a lot of finance that goes into the charity or organisation from sponsors, contributors and members of the public. It is important that all charities and organisations plan their financial year accordingly to avoid any hiccups. This will ensure that their good work continues to go uninterrupted and spreads a positive message.