It is just so great that us people rely on a system that organises our days of the year. Purposes such as social activities, and religious, commercial and administrative uses. Calendars are beneficial for personal and business occasions and found in most homes and work places.  

There are so many different styles of calendars out there. We are spoil for choice!

Single Day calendars. Usually we use these as a reminder of date and month. Some calendars may include what day it is too.

Week Calendars. Commonly found in educational organisers. May also be managed in the work place as well, especially Monday-Friday jobs.

Month Calendars. Personally, I would say these are used mostly at home. These style calendars are a great way to organise your month. Especially with a table for an area to mark down anything important happening that day. For example, birthday dates for a reminder. (We’ve all been there and forgot someone’s birthday before!)

Yearly Calendars. Perfect for work desks. These bullet style journals tend to include all bank holidays included so dates you are automatically reminded of.