Keeping a diary is a fantastic activity but can prove challenging to keep as a habit. Fortunately for you, we’ve devised a few key tips to improve your journaling experience. Follow these five steps to keep your diary writing habit!

1. Always Write

Keeping a custom diary requires you to actively write. It does not matter where you are or what time of day it is, grab a pen and start jotting down thoughts. Better yet, take your cell phone, tablet or computer and digitise your thoughts on these portable electronics. Despite living in such a face-paced society, always find time to write!

2. Balance Regular and Personal Journaling

Journaling can be a great avenue to detach yourself from our socially connected world. Sure, it can be easy to jump on a Reddit thread and start commenting, but this is not worthwhile diary keeping. Reflecting on your life and writing freely is the key to maintain a diary writing habit. Don’t worry about other people, journal for yourself.

3. Set Realistic Goals

They say that once you engage in something for 21 consecutive days it becomes a habit. What they don’t tell you is that getting to that 21 consecutive day threshold is a challenge of itself, but it doesn’t have to be. Daily journaling can help you easily achieve this goal. It requires you to recount your day and visually annotate and tick-off the days you have completed. Lending more weight to each day paints it as a link in a chain rather than a page on a book.

4. Multimedia Journaling

Sometimes our days are so busy that we forget what we even had for breakfast. Luckily for us, this age of technology allows us to take pictures or videos of our day and even upload it online. This is an easy way to keep track of how your days have gone and can even be considered multimedia diary keeping in itself.

5. Reflect and Regroup

Journaling can seem like a chore to some and if you have a stressful day it may not be on your immediate to-do list. This is why it is important to reflect and look back on your diary to reminisce. Repetitive habits may not be for everyone so consider taking a day off journaling to read through and indulge in your past entries.